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Rory Feek and His Daughter Indy Share an Emotionally Charged Duet for Father’s Day

Heartwarming tales often feature the theme of overcoming challenges. Such is the story behind the touching duet between Rory Feek and his daughter Indiana, set to Shel Silverstein’s “Papa What If,” which is underscored by a real-life tragedy. Rory, a Nashville-based songwriter and occasional country artist, tied the knot with emerging country talent Joey Martin in 2002 following a brief romance.

The couple pursued their individual careers for a time, with Rory contributing to Blake Shelton’s chart-topping country hit “Some Beach” and Joey signing with Sony. It wasn’t until 2008 that they began to perform together as Rory+Joey. Their first child, Indiana, was born in 2014 with Down Syndrome. Tragically, Joey passed away in 2016 after a two-year fight with cervical cancer.

On 19 June 2022, Rory shared a video where he reflected on a touching Father’s Day moment with Indiana, then 10. Upon waking, her first act was to wish him a happy Father’s Day, eagerly presenting him with a sweet card and gift. Rory’s desire was to extend this warmth to all fathers with a special three-minute video featuring a heartfelt performance and Indiana’s endearing declaration of love at the end.

Rory and Joey’s venture into country music as a duo began with their participation in the 2008 CMT “Can You Duet” show, where they placed third and subsequently released their debut album. Their music resonated on the country charts, cultivating a dedicated fanbase. Their third album, “His and Hers” (2012), featured “When I’m Gone,” a poignant track about finding solace amidst loss, penned by their friend Sandy Lawrence in memory of her mother. Joey’s rendition, with Rory as the visual focus in the accompanying video, poignantly foreshadowed future events. Rory’s faith has played a significant role, especially as he navigates his grief, finding solace and gratitude in their music and its connection to Joey.

Joey’s death at 40 left Rory a single father to two-year-old Indiana. Music continued to be a bonding element, with Rory often singing and playing guitar for Indiana. A notable moment was when Indiana, at four, began singing along to one of Joey’s songs, captured by Rory’s daughter from a previous marriage and shared on Instagram.

Singing and guitar sessions became a staple in their lives, aiding in the seamless delivery of “Papa What If.” Post Joey’s passing, Rory has been supported in raising Indiana by his family, including his two sisters and daughters from his previous marriage. Indiana is educated at home alongside other local children in a quaint schoolhouse on their farm.

Rory has since penned two memoirs and several children’s books, created a documentary series titled “This Life I Live” (2020), and in June 2021, released his first solo album “Gentle Man,” marking his musical journey after Joey’s departure.

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