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Enjoy Bublé and Allred’s stunning “Help Me Make It Through The Night” duet.

Michael Bublé, renowned for his velvety tones and his hit holiday tunes, has teamed up with various celebrated artists over his distinguished career, from Barbra Streisand to Mariah Carey, delighting fans with their collaborative performances.

In his journey to find the perfect counterpart for the heartfelt “Help Me Make It Through The Night,” Bublé’s path led him to Loren Allred after experiencing her breathtaking vocals in “The Greatest Showman.” Instantly taken by her talent, Bublé knew she was the missing piece for this track. Their captivating duet can be viewed here:

Bublé has voiced his thrill over this partnership, revealing his initial vision of the song as a duet that narrates the tender longing for connection. Stumbling upon Allred’s voice was a stroke of luck, prompting an eager search that led him to her YouTube presence.

Their collaboration on “Help Me Make It Through The Night” delivers an enthralling experience. The blend of Allred’s divine vocals with Bublé’s smooth delivery creates a moving and harmonious masterpiece, underlining their remarkable compatibility. Their combined efforts infuse the timeless song with renewed emotion and elegance, showcasing why Bublé was so impressed by Allred’s vocal talent.

For those interested in a closer look at Bublé’s life beyond his music, his Instagram offers a personal glimpse.

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