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George Strait and Willie Nelson Finally Duet, Promises to Be a Chart-Topping Hit

When we think of country music, its history, and its richness, certain legendary names always come to mind. Willie Nelson stands out as one artist who has transcended every era of country music. At 85, he remains vibrant, with a voice that continues to deepen in richness. George Strait, coming two decades later, is one of the most influential artists of all time, steadfastly preserving the true country music sound. This dedication has earned him the titles “King of Country” or simply “King George.”

Both artists have blessed the country music scene with their exceptional talents. They have produced chart-topping hits, released acclaimed albums, performed with fellow legends, and supported budding artists. Yet, despite their parallel careers, one thing fans have longed for has never happened: seeing the “Red Headed Stranger” and the “King of Country” share the same stage.

For decades, Strait and Nelson’s busy schedules, tours, and shows kept them from performing together. They seemed to orbit in different galaxies. However, that all changed on Saturday night, January 12, when Strait joined Nelson at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, to honor him. The event, titled Willie: Life & Songs of An American Outlaw, marked the first time the two artists collaborated for a duet.

This historic performance was one of many spectacular moments that night. The event brought together over a dozen of music’s greatest stars to pay tribute to Willie Nelson. The highlight was when Nelson surprised the crowd by inviting Strait on stage for a duet. Strait, visibly thrilled, smiled throughout the performance.

The duo sang “Sing One With Willie,” a tune written for the special occasion. In the song, Strait reflects on his colorful career, acknowledging something missing: he had never sung with Willie. He notes that while Willie has performed with legends like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Julio Iglesias, he eagerly awaited his turn.

Willie, in turn, expressed his excitement about finally singing with Strait. Their duet was a magnificent display, like two stars colliding to form a brilliant supernova.

This performance was recorded and scheduled to air as part of a major broadcast special on A&E Network in 2019.

Check out their incredible collaboration here and scroll down to see their second duet singing “Good Hearted Woman.”

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