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Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson deliver a divine duet from “Phantom of the Opera.”

In a spellbinding fusion of talent, renowned vocalists Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson united their voices for an extraordinary Broadway duet that left audiences spellbound.

The magical moment unfolded during Groban’s mesmerizing Stages Live event, broadcasted on PBS, where they breathed new life into classic musical theater compositions, including the timeless “All I Ask of You” from The Phantom of the Opera.

With ‘Stages,’ Groban fulfilled his lifelong aspiration of delving into the enchanting realm of Broadway. The album, a heartfelt homage to his affinity for musical theater, features a curated selection of iconic songs that have resonated with Groban since his formative years. Reflecting on his journey, Groban shared, “Theater and musical theater have always held a special place in my heart.

These are melodies I’ve yearned to perform since my high school days.” Among these cherished tunes is the illustrious “All I Ask of You,” a pivotal piece that demanded a distinguished counterpart to portray Christine. Groban found his match in the incomparable Kelly Clarkson, resulting in a breathtaking duet that transcended musical boundaries.

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