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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman’s Car Duet of “The Fighter” Defines #CoupleGoals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s rendition of “The Fighter” during a car ride is the epitome of #CoupleGoals. Their immediate chemistry shines through as they start with an adorable skit, setting the tone for their performance. A brief hiccup occurs when the stereo skips, momentarily interrupting Urban’s part, but he swiftly recovers, diving into the heartfelt chorus.

As the song progresses, Urban and Kidman engage in the catchy call-and-response parts, with Kidman playfully acting out the role of a fairy-tale princess serenading her hero. Their dynamic presence in the video is a testament to their status as one of Australia’s most beloved couples. The video, captured on a smartphone and shared on Urban’s YouTube channel, has captivated over 10 million viewers, as evident in the link below.

“The Fighter,” the fifth single from Urban’s ninth album “Ripcord,” originally features Carrie Underwood and made a significant impact with its official music video. However, the intimate car performance by Urban and Kidman brings a unique charm to the song.

Although Kidman’s voice is somewhat subdued in the recording, the moments where her vocals shine through prove her musical talent, which is no surprise given her history in musical cinema, including her role in “Moulin Rouge!” by Baz Luhrmann. Kidman has also shared the stage with Urban before, showcasing their harmonious collaboration in acoustic performances, such as their rendition of “Parallel Line,” available for viewing in the following link.

Choosing “The Fighter” as a duet seems natural for the couple, reflecting the protective and supportive themes within the lyrics, which Urban revealed were inspired by his relationship with Kidman. This personal connection to the song adds another layer of meaning to their performance, making it all the more special.

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