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Andrea Bocelli’s unexpected 2024 Oscars duet with his son Matteo moves audiences to tears.

The 2024 Oscars provided a moving occasion as the film community gathered to celebrate its triumphs and remember those it had lost. The event highlighted the best films of the year and paid homage to influential figures in the industry who had recently passed.

The ceremony featured an emotional “In Memoriam” section on March 10th, where people from around the world saw a tribute to the stars we’ve lost this year. Images of well-known personalities such as Matthew Perry, Chita Rivera, and Tina Turner were shown, accompanied by the elegant dance of interpretive performers to the touching tunes of a live orchestra, perfectly encapsulating the solemn atmosphere.

A highlight of the night was Andrea Bocelli’s deeply moving performance of “Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)”, alongside his son Matteo. Their harmonious duet, wearing coordinated blue patterned jackets, deeply moved everyone watching.

The Bocellis’ performance left a deep impression on viewers everywhere, who shared their admiration and amazement online.

“The duo of Andrea Bocelli and his son at the 96th Oscars offered an incredibly moving showcase of their bond and musical talent. Such moments underscore the unforgettable impact music can have,” a viewer posted online.

“The rendition of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli and Matteo was absolutely stunning,” another viewer commented, capturing the widespread emotion stirred by their duet.

For Andrea, his Oscar performance was notably meaningful, marking 25 years since he last graced the Oscar stage. This performance with Matteo was especially significant as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of “Time to Say Goodbye” with a rendition that was both memorable and touching. Their performance was enhanced by a music video from the renowned Hans Zimmer, showcasing the timeless appeal of music to resonate with our deepest emotions.

Reflecting on the experience, Andrea voiced his appreciation for the chance to perform with his son at such a distinguished event, highlighting the joy and peace their music aims to bring.

“Being part of this magnificent Oscars evening once again fills me with thankfulness for both the song and life itself,” Andrea told A.frame magazine. “Sharing the stage with my son Matteo is an honor that brings great happiness, and through our singing, we hope to share the love and thankfulness we have for music and for each other.”

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