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Wall of Death (EXTREME) – With Full Force 2014

I took my small 9 year old son to see Killswitch Engage and we stood up on the balcony , he wanted to go in the mosh pit and got right to the front , two huge bearded metal heads then linked thier arms and protected him for the whole gig.

Even the bassist Mike D Antonio looked at my son and gave a thumbs up and a plectrum to him .

Metal heads are the nicest people you will ever meet , if someone falls down in the mosh pit they are quickly helped up.

Its an unwritten rule.

Its funny how people act shocked at the mosh pits which are self policed by the fans and are just a fantastic release of energy and joy but with hip hop and rap the the whole ethos is about violence, gangs , drugs , drug dealing being glamourised, guns , lack of respect for women and the performers and the fans kill each other because they live in a different postcode to each other .

Give me metal any day.

Watch the video below:

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