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Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due | There’s enough metal in this song to rebuild the Twin Towers

This is a 2 part song.First part “Holy Wars” ends with an acoustic bridge by marty friedman at 2:26.After 2:26 is “The Punisment Due” and when it ends song finish.

The lyrics deal with the Northern Ireland conflict. In an interview with the UK magazine Guitarist, Mustaine says that he was inspired to write the song in Northern Ireland, when he discovered bootlegged Megadeth T-shirts were on sale and was dissuaded from taking action to have them removed on the basis that they were part of fund raising activities for “The Cause” (i.e. the Provisional Irish Republican Army).”The Punishment Due” is based on the popular Marvel comic book character, the Punisher.

Watch the video below :

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