The Good Whale Returned Her Phone To The Woman Who Dropped It Into The Sea By Accident

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in water, you know how difficult it is to get it back.
A beluga whale has pleasantly surprised visitors to Hammerfest, Norway, which is located near ocean waters. The whale is said to have escaped from a closed facility where the Russian Navy trains spy whales, and while this information may not sound plausible, it is correct.

One day, Ina Mansika went to the waterfront with her friends to find the spy whale that has been rumored to wandering in the area and something surprising happened. While they lay on the dock and looked for the whale, Mansika dropped her phone in the ocean and thought that she lost it forever.

But shortly after the incident, she saw the beluga whale swimming her way with her phone in its mouth. This kind moment was also captured on camera and there is a video uploaded on social media where it is visible that the whale returns Mansika’s phone.

Unfortunately, the water had damaged the phone completely, but this is still an interesting story for Ina to tell her kids and grandkids when the time comes

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