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System Of A Down – Toxicity

Toxicity is one of the least mainstream albums by System of A Down, acting like a test of their fans’ tolerance for unorthodoxy. Needless to say, the test was a huge success.

Fans went crazy from one track to another, unraveling from one pleasant (or not) surprise to another. Toxicity is simply a strangely creative concoction that just doesn’t get boring.

It goes from angry dissonance in Prison Song to even more chaos in Jet Pilot and X, then to slightly more organized chaos in Chop Suey. The deceptively melancholic and melodic ATWA does little to prepare you for the explosion of emotions in ScienceShimmy sounds like an ancient Egyptian folk song that messes with your head to make you realize the indoctrination subjugating the nation.

The song that bears the name of the album, Toxicity, is a perfect balance between gorgeous growling guitars, schizoid bellows and adrenaline-inducing sick beats. 

Psycho makes your blood boil only to make you swell up with disbelief at a strangely melancholic and mesmerizing guitar outro. Aerials then wraps up the party with a solid, memorable and beautiful guitar riff.

Final words

The classically unclassifiable System of A Down doesn’t spare their faithful audience: with Toxicity, they have proven that they can produce any kind of music, provoke any nasty emotion, and just never get boring.

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