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Singer Creates Bohemian Catsody’ Parody and Cat Lovers Can Relate

Did anyone order a cat version of Bohemian Rhapsody? Well, whether you are ready or not, New Zealand parody musician Shirley Șerban has delivered in a hit video called “Bohemian Catsody.” You know, it had to happen, and she does a fabulous job.

On her Facebook page, Șerban received an “overwhelming yes” to create the cat parody when she asked, “Should I?” She had just found the popular meme below (creator unknown) online:
Bohemian Catsody' Parody

Then, she had a competition, asking her fans to submit pictures of their cat to appear in the video. 

Finally, the four winning “Kitty Queens,” were revealed:

Boo, Sweetie, Griffin, and Stripey Superstar as Freddie Mercury.
Bohemian Catsody

Bohemian Catsody

The iconic song by Queen features a legendary video in which the four musicians’ faces are silhouetted side-by-side in a dark room. So, the parody features a similar look, replaced with the winning Kitty Queens.

Although parodies can often fall flat, particularly for classic songs, this one will likely resonate with cat lovers. Sang, from the viewpoint of the cats, it’s clear they view humans as their subjects, pretty accurate, really.

“Cats are royalty. We are their willing servants,” she says in the video introduction.

As you will hear, the singer is quite talented vocally, with a chorus of meows and lyrics that capture a bit of the dark humor side of living with cats. For example, the song evokes images of that headless mouse your feline brought you as a treasure. Then, the cats sing about attacking the big toe of their human servant under the bed quilt.

It’s clear Șerban lives with a typical cat with lyrics like:

“In I come, out I go,

Hurry up, don’t be slow,

Let me out! No! Now I don’t want to go,

Let me go!

I want out! Or do I want to go?

Let me go!” 

Didn’t you just hear Freddie Mercury when you read that? Cut to the bridge, and she sings:

“3 am is my best time for racing around,

Now I’ll sit on the table,

Crash things to the ground!”

Yes, that sounds like many cats we all know and love anyway. The night is really their time to get up to who knows what next.

See the Bohemian Catsody below from Shirley Șerban on YouTube: 

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