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Scorpions – Still Loving You | It doesn’t matter what year it is, timeless music lasts forever

I remember the the Scorpions first becoming a thing in the late 70’s. We all thought their spin on hard rock was a bit gimmicky, but by the mid 80’s they were a dominant rock band. They were leading the way. There were other hard rockers in the mid 80’s, but none with the Scorpions’ power and polish. Great band, great songs.

The amount of feelings and emotions, married with the haunting guitar makes it arguably the best ballard ever; the feelings he portrayed in his voice makes the audience feel the sadness of the song. I think that’s what make this song transcend boundaries and time, and connect with people. Such bands and songs are few and far between…

This song is timeless. It doesn’t matter which era you belong. It’s definitepy a masterpiece of all time.

Watch the video below :

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