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Rush – Tom Sawyer – Rare 2003 Sarstock Festival Remastered

I’ve watched a ton of clips and documentaries on Rush over the last few weeks, and I don’t know if there has ever been a more humble, down to earth, normal, non-pretentious group of guys in any other rock band. All three of these cats just seem like good dudes all around.It’s a very sad day for Rush fans everywhere to know of Neil Peart’s passing at age 67. He WAS the best rock ‘n roll drummer ever. He was like the Lionel Messi of drumming; meaning he’s far and above everyone else.

When it comes to live performances, Rush’s three will always be remembered for their iconic status. You would want to be a part of the sea of people present.

When Rush performs on stage, they have a way of attracting tens of thousands of fans. That’s exactly what happened during the band’s live performance at the Sarstock Festival in Toronto, Canada in 2003.

The place was packed with thousands of people present to see the golden trio perform. At this moment, their quintessential song, “Tom Sawyer,” was the first song that they had played in front of the audience. They have always exhibited a great amount of effort in performing the instruments, with Geddy Lee’s vocals on point. It is truly a remarkable experience for the people present to witness a majestic band performing the song that made them famous.

You can check the performance here

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