Pregnant Cat Appears On Woman’s Porch And Asks Her To Adopt Them

This story will show you that cats have a way of jumping into your heart and changing your life forever.

A ginger and white cat appeared on a woman’s porch, walked right in the house and turned it into her new home. However, she didn’t come alone, she brought her whole family along.

The home owner Rachel had no intention of adopting a cat until she opened the door and saw the cat with a belly full of kittens. Rachel decided to adopt the cat and gave her a new name – Boots.

After a full meal, Boots expressed her gratitude by purring and cuddling with her newly adopted human. The next morning, Rachel took the cat to a vet clinic for a check up. Thankfully, Boots was a healthy young mama and had four to five kittens in her belly.

“She was eating more food than I thought possible — it was quite impressive…. She now ran this house and completely overtook all of my usual sensibilities.”

On day, Rachel awoke and heard the tiny sound of kitten mews coming from Boots’ room. “We woke up to seven baby beans in a cute kitten pile! I was shocked,” Rachel said. “We got 6 orange tabbies that look like mama and one solid white.”

Rachel decided to name the kittens after the seven dwarves – Doc (white), Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, and Sneezy. When they are old enough, they will be adopted to loving homes.

Raising seven babies is a tad overwhelming but It’s an incredibly special experience. Rachel is so happy when these kittens are getting cuter and more plump every day.

“Boots and her kittens adopted me and I just went with them. I’m so in love with all of them,” Rachel said.

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