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Pantera – The Art Of Shredding | Dimebag was SO CLEAN live!

Hardcore punk and heavy metal were unlikely bedfellows twenty years ago, but Pantera made it look effortless with their fourth album, proving to be the departure the Dallas quartet needed to winch them out of spandex hell.

As a kid it was always my dream to be with Dean guitars, to play a Dean guitar – to own one some day.

And funny enough, how this wholething evolved, after countless days of skipping school and gawking at the Dean catalog, learning inside and out everything about it, and dreaming it would happen some day.

There was a guitar contest that came to town, and the a prize was the Dean ML guitar, and at the same time – I didn’t know, my dad ordered me a cherry burst Dean ML Standard.

The day when that thing came in was the night of the contest – and I won it!

That was the best day of my life. I won the guitar, and my dad got me a bad-ass Dean standard.

Nobody has the stage presence of Phil, he dominated the stage like nobody else.

The cowboy from hell days and the vulgar display of power days is when phil anselmo was in his prime.

Watch the video below :

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