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OZZY OSBOURNE – “Shot In The Dark” 1989 (Live Video)

OMG! I loved this line-up! Flawless Geezer on bass, monster drumming from Randy, Ozzy at his mature prime, and Zakk Wylde The Beast!! I remember watching this live on TV, first time I ever saw Zakk. I was blown away. I was playing guitar back then, 14 years old, I remember copying his style and all his moves. A year later I had my first gig in front of 1k people shirtless with leather bell-bottom pants, my guitar hanging in between my legs. I was an exact copy only my long hair was black and not blond lol

Zakks solo in the end was a ridiculously perfect way of showing how he zones into the exact feeling and sounds of others masterpiece guitarwork and ingenious ways of playing and takes you even farther to the next level of understanding just how ingenious he is!

Randy Showing us drummers how it’s done…incredible performance and showmanship!!Randy hitting the cymbal on the upswing and tossing the stick in the air while he pulled his shirt back up on his shoulder. Unbelievable talent.

Watch the video below :

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