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Mozart – Metallica (Symphony No. 40 – Enter Sandman ) | Genius . What a passion

The bouncing ball dropped me here so very different to the arrangement I heard in the 70’s by Waldo De Los Rios, I still have the album. Fantastic version and it is always fun to see how someone else arranges a classic. Keep up the good work.

Dear music fans, we appreciate compliments and constructive criticism but we don’t need stupid and unreflective comments. We can handle criticism but posts like “They are very stupid” or “playback boo” we delete immediately cos it says nothing at all. If you wanna say something think first. If you don’t like what we do it’s ok. So please have the greatness to say you respect what we do but you don’t like it.

We are the MOZART HEROES and we have our own interpretation. We never wanna be like our and your heroes. We just honor them with your own creativity and interpretation.

If you think, it’s not like the original or what you like – that’s ok – cos we ARE NOT the original. We are the MOZART HEROES and we express our own originality, creativity and interpretation!

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