Moment roof-top swimming pool collapses through onto floor below

Hundreds of residents at a luxury waterfront block of flats in Brazil had to be evacuated last week when a swimming pool collapsed and crashed through the roof.

Shocking CCTV footage captured the moment the floor of the 75ft-long pool suddenly gave way, sending water flooding into the car park below, along with debris from the shattered base.

Luckily no injuries were reported following the terrifying incident in Vila Velha, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo, on April 22.

But 270 people had to leave their homes in the condominium and could not return for five days while a team of engineers carried out safety checks.

Some of the tenants in the block, which is across the street from the popular Itaparica Beach, reported a strong smell of gas as the pool was heating up.

Others said they heard a loud noise before fleeing as water rushed out.

Ubiracy Fonseca told news site G1: ‘We heard a very loud noise. We immediately went to find out what had happened.

‘We went to the balcony and saw lots of water coming out of the building and we went down quickly, grabbing a few things. Thank God it was not a bigger problem.’

Argo, the company that built the 90-flat building, paid for residents to stay at a hotel while the building was being inspected.

The reason for the collapse remains unknown but city engineers found no structural damage.

The project’s superintendent Gilmar Assumpcao said further investigations will be carried out after some tenants refused to go back to their apartments.

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