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Merle Haggard – Mama Tried (Live) | RIP Merle, you were real country

“A week ago dad told us he was gonna pass on his birthday, and he wasn’t wrong. A hour ago he took his last breath surrounded by family and friends. He loved everything about life and he loved that everyone of you gave him a chance with his music. He wasn’t just a country singer.. He was the best country singer that ever lived.” Ben Haggard

The first thing I remember knowing
Was a lonesome whistle blowing
And a young’un’s dream of growing up to ride
On a freight train leaving town
Not knowing where I’m bound
And no one could change my mind, but Mama tried

“Mama Tried” is a song by Merle Haggard who wrote this while serving time in San Quentin prison for robbery. The song is based on his life, and how his mother tried to help him but couldn’t.

Haggard turned 19 in prison but 19 didn’t fit in the lyrics so he changed it to 21.

Watch the video below :

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