Megadeth – Tornado of Souls

The lyrics talk about ending a dysfunctional relationship, and near the end of the song, Mustaine sings about giving the girl “the kiss of death.” This led to speculation that the song ends with him killing his partner, but Mustaine has dismissed that, explaining that it is a very personal written at a difficult time. Said Mustaine: “‘Tornado of Souls’ was written the day I broke up with my fiancé; it explains what I went through, how I sprang out of it. I thought my existence was in that relationship – I was trapped in the eye of a tornado, and if I stepped out of line, I’d be blown to oblivion. No more whirlwind romances for me. If I do get back in that situation, I’m gonna be very aware now and check the weather before I get involved.”

Also,Marty Friedman’s complex solo in this song is one of his most classic and beloved ones, and it seems to have been an important one for himself too at the time. In a 2002 interview, he recalled: “When I finished the solo to this one, Mustaine came into the studio, listened to it down once, turned around and without saying a word, shook my hand. It was at that moment that I felt like I was truly the guitarist for this band.”


This morning I made the call-

The one that ends it all-

Hanging up,I wanted to cry-

But dammit,this well’s gone dry-

Not for the money,not for the fame-

Not for the power,just no more games-

But now I’m safe in the eye of the tornado-

I can’t replace the lies,that let a 1000 days go-

No more living trapped inside-

Anyway I’ll surely die-

In the eye of the tornado,blow me away-

You’ll grow to loathe my name-

You’ll hate me just the same-

You won’t need your breath-

And soon you’ll meet your death-

Not from the years,not from the use-

Not from the tears,just self abuse-

Who’s to say,what’s for me to say…be…do-

Cause a big nothing it’ll be for me-

The land of opportunity-

The golden chance for me-

My future looks so bright-

Now I think I’ve seen the light-

Can’t say what’s on my mind-

Can’t do what I really feel-

In this bed I made for me-

Is where I sleep,I really feel-

I warn you of the fate-

Proven true to late-

Your tongue twist perverse-

Come drink now of this curse-

And now I fill your brain-

I spin you round again-

My poison fills your head-

As I tuck you into bed-

You feel my fingertips-

You won’t forget my lips-

You’ll feel my cold breath-

It’s the kiss of death-

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