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Iron Maiden – Wrathchild (Live At The Rainbow) | Dave always looks happy

Wrathchild is a track by Iron Maiden which appears on their record Killers. Keep in mind that Killers was still an album where Iron Maiden had Paul Di’anno rather than Bruce Dickinson so the vocals on this track lean far more towards a punk sound rather than an operatic sound.

Although I did really like Di’anno, I think that he really could only benefit Iron Maiden for so long before their music just began to start to call for a vocalist who was less of a raw singer and had a bit more versatility to him.

Wrathchild opens with a rhythm played by Steve Harris which I can only describe as being extremely bouncy.

As I said, Di’anno offers sort of a punk delivery in his voice, and he does that on this track which obviously gives the track a good amount of attitude to its sound.

Paul was a powerhouse back then. Aggressive, harsh and angry, the right guy to sing underground, street metal, such as Maiden was playing in the first 2 records, the best music that they ever played in my opinion.

Watch the video below :

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