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Iron Maiden – When The Wild Wind Blows | This live version is much better than the original

Not many bands play a single concert for nearly 2 hours or more (let alone play a 10min song) without a break. They have also played 3 day events with each of those days playing for nearly 2 hours straight. Most of these younger bands do not even have that much stamina and the ones that actually do tend to peter out well before they get to this band’s age. It is crazy but quite inspirational seeing these 50+ year old men running around on stage like they’re in their teens. Its insane. In a good way.

For anybody who doesn’t know, this song is based on a book called when the wind blows, about an old couple trying to survive after a nuclear war. There’s a movie based on it with music by David Bowie and Roger Waters.

Watch the video below

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