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Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark (En Vivo!) | The magical moment of the rif………

Fear of the Dark” is a song by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Written by Steve Harris, the band’s bass player and primary songwriter, it serves as the title track to Iron Maiden’s 1992 album Fear of the Dark.

The song has been covered by several different artists. In 2011, it was covered by Fightstar for Kerrang! magazine’s Maiden Heaven tribute album.

The Flight 666 version of the song was released as downloadable content for the Rock Band video game series on 9 June 2009.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who has always been intensely afraid of the dark. He recalls the many times he has walked alone, and recollections of the feeling of being followed while walking at night. Strictly, the song is about paranoid ideas (fear of being watched or harmed by other persons) rather than phobia (fear of objects and situations), even though the latter is referred to in the lyrics (“Have a phobia that someone’s always there”); darkness seems to be the context rather than the reason for the fear.

According to Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris wrote this song because he himself was really afraid of the dark.

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Watch the video below :

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