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Guns N’ Roses – It’s So Easy | This the REAL G&R! with Izzy and Steven,

Appetite For Destruction was my first cassette tape growing up. I remember I was ten years old and my Mother would not buy it for me due to “Explicit Lyrics.”

Then one weekend I was staying at my Grandmother Marge’s and I begged her to take me to a local record store named “Slick Disc” to get the album. She too initially said “No” due to a “Parental Advisory” warning.

I begged and pleaded my case that there was no swear words on the album I had never heard because I didn’t have the best home life growing up.

And she knew I had a valid point. So, she bought me the tape and I listened to it every single day walking to school in my Sony “Walkman” and thought I was the coolest kid on the fucking planet. Thirty years later, I still do.

The world could use a front man somewhere near Axl’s level of charisma and intensity right about now, that’s for damn sure. But lightning never strikes the same place twice. Axl in the 80s/early 90s was like lightning in a freshly uncorked bottle of champagne.

Watch the video below :

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