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Emperor – Towards The Pantheon | Unlike their contemporaries, they matured

No face paint, no evil pieces of clothing, no chains or spikes, no blood, no people in cages/on crosses building up the stage look… in fact no unnecessary accessories at all… and does it affect the atmosphere? No! It sends chills down my spine, this is music!

Seriously, this band’s compositions are so complex that after years of listening, I’m still hearing new things. It’s like a new listen every time! But alas, it’s very hard to try and explain to people 😛 Nevertheless, I’ll always love this group.

This song was amongst the first 3 black metal albums i ever heard in my teens. Immortal – Battles in the North, Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse, Satyricon – Nemesis Divina ( and we had Mother North uncut on VHS ). :There’s no other art like this. Nothing compares.

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