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Eagles of Death Metal – I Want You So Hard | Death Metal has changed a lot aparently.

Um, yeah, like, this song, like totally RAWKS and kicks ASS, dude. It’s got Josh Homme in it, and he like totally knows Dave Grohl, and has probably hung out with him a whole bunch, so that makes him, like totally AWESOME and stuff. Yeah! Anarrrkeee!!!

My dad heard this and he was all like, “Whoah! This sounds like Status Quo!” And I was all like “Ferchrissakes dad! Just get out of my freakin’ face. You’re such a dork! You don’t understand the kids, maaan. Who the hell are Status Quo anyway?” And he was all like, “I can totally sing “Down Down” over the top of this.” And he started playing air guitar, so I was all, “You’re ruining my life”, and I threw him out, then wrote a real deep poem about it on my Myspace blog.

So anyway, if you like TOTALLY AWESOME ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, then get I Want You So Hard, by the best band since The Datsuns, Eagles of Death Metal. Yeah!! Fight the machine!

Watch the video below :

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