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Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

“Down with the Sickness” is a song by American nu metal band Disturbed.

It was recorded in 1999 and released as the second single from the band’s debut studio album, The Sickness.

“Down with the Sickness” is one of Disturbed’s best-known songs and is a concert staple, usually played as the last song.

This was Disturbed’s first single to be certified platinum in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America.



David Draiman has stated that the song “Speaks about the eternal struggle of the individual against the mother culture of society that is constantly trying to beat the child struggling for independence and individuality into submission.”

“Down With the Sickness” is a nu metal song that features an unusual “ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah” staccato noise from Disturbed’s singer David Draiman at the end of the intro, which reappears before the last chorus.

Draiman has stated the sound was made possible by effects on his vocal cords after receiving surgery for acid reflux, but he has dismissed the rumor the noise was actually caused by heartburn, further explaining, “I mean the song originally was written and just had a pause.

Mikey’s beat is just so tribal and you know it just made me feel like an animal… [The noise] came out one day.”

Guitarist Dan Donegan has mentioned that the tuning for the guitar “is drop C-sharp… your bottom five strings are half a step down and your low string will be dropped to C-sharp.”

This is sometimes referred to as “E♭ Drop D♭”, the most common drop tuning for bands who play generally in E♭ standard instead of E standard.

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