Deadly pit viper lurking just 5ft away is perfectly camouflaged on forest floor

Can you spot the viper lurking in forest?

Another image shows the same snake in the same hiding spot this time taken from slightly closer, shows the viper’s camouflage abilities.

These impressive shots were taken by photographer Pritish Palekar, 37, from Mumbai, India, from around five feet away.

He used his iPhone camera to avoid slipping on the wet forest floor and angering the snake.

“I have been studying these snakes for years,” said Pritish.

“I visit Amboli every year in the monsoon season, as they come out to stalk prey.

“Most of the time, we get them sitting calmly and we take utmost care to not disturb their position.

“This viper was taking cover under leaves, to maintain camouflage for a successful ambush.”

“We take utmost caution when it comes to approaching these forests.”

Malabar pit vipers are native to the Western Ghats mountains of India.

They are mostly nocturnal but can sometimes be seen basking on rocks and trees near streams during the day.

The serpents can strike fast and their venom is deadly to creatures that it preys on in its forest habitat.

They enjoy gorging themselves on frogs during the monsoon season.

Malabar pit vipers don’t lay eggs, instead they give birth to live young, around four to five babies at a time.

These new born snakes are able to kill prey and fend for themselves almost immediately.

Still struggling? The snake is ringed in red to help


Still struggling? The snake is ringed in red to helpCredit: mediadrumworld.com/@beardosaurus

The viper is a master of disguise


The viper is a master of disguiseCredit: mediadrumworld.com/@beardosaurus
The snake is native to mountains in India

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