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Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss

Seasons in the Abyss is a song by Slayer.

The Seasons In The Abyss E. P. (also known as the Blood Pack) is a limited edition E. P. from Slayer. It came in a gatefold cover with a slot inside each cover, one to hold a round inlay card that served as the front cover and track listing (as the CD sleeve was see-through) and the other to hold the CD itself.


The CD casing was sealed, which the insides had several round skull inserts and a red liquid (presumed to be blood), making the skull inserts float around when the package was moved around or squeezed. The liquid has been known to dry out over time though.

The E. P. was released in 1990 by Def American Recordings, Inc.

There were only three songs on the E. P., which included the album version of “Seasons In The Abyss”, an alternate version with additional keyboards added to it, giving the tune a bit of an eerie vibe to it, and “Aggressive Perfector”, a fast thrash metal tune with a very fast vocal delivery from Tom Araya.

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