Cat With A Bicolor Face Is The Father Of Two Kittens Who Shared Their Colors

He has become the father of two gorgeous kittens who share his face weirdly. He is a magnificent cat noted for his two-color face.

But the most startling aspect is that each of them has adopted the hue of their respective cheeks. Narnia is three years old, and he has a unique genetic characteristic that sets him apart from others: his face is split in half by two colors.

Narnia is a French cat who was born in Paris, but lives in Great Britain with its mother, Stephanie Jiminez. Since his arrival, he stole everyone’s heart with the beauty of him.

His face is quite strange, he has a gray side and a black side, he also has beautiful blue eyes, a rather unusual coloration.


Gato con cara bicolor

Stephanie Jiminez said:

«“When Narnia was born I was very surprised. I knew immediately that it was exceptional. Narnia was born with a black and gray double face, which is very rare.».

Cara bicolor Narnia

Generally, this type of traits is due to a genetic abnormality called chimerism, a natural condition, whereby an individual has two different types of cells, each with a different genetic makeup. In male cats it means that they had an extra X chromosome in the embryonic stage of their development.
Cara bicolor gato
But, the case of Narnia is particular, this rare anomaly does not apply, because when performing certain genetic tests, they revealed that it was not chimerism.

Stephanie said:

“A geneticist conducted tests and discovered that Narnia has only one DNA … he remains a mystery to science.”

Gato cara bicolor

Stephanie said:

«He also has beautiful blue eyes, which is very rare for a cat that is completely black. Typically blue eyes are often found in white cats».

But the important thing here is that Narnia became the father of two beautiful kittens, one gray and one black, like the colors of its face.
Narnia cara bicolor

The kittens, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, were born last year and have stolen people’s attention. Not only for her beauty, but for having inherited each color of its father’s face.
Hijos de Narnia
The owner of Narnia says that the beautiful furry man handles the role of father very well and feels very happy with his two creations.
Narnia parado
Stephanie, said toBored panda:

«Narnia is doing great and loves to play with her kittens».

However, this is not the first time that Narnia has been a father, he has been a father several times already and all his children have different color variations.
Super Narnia

Narnia has two light brown twins, Orfée and Ozanna, black Roswell, Gray Rose, and two beautiful multi-colored children, Polaris and Phantom.

Unlike Phoenix and Prada, the other kitties have inherited Narnia’s striking blue eyes, creating a new gene called “ice,” Stephanie says.
Narnia posando

Besides being a father, this cat enjoys having a life full of care and adventure.
Narnia jugando
Its kittens have grown healthy, Phoenix has found a forever home after being adopted by a family, and Prada will soon be moving into her new home as well.
Narnia relajado
For now, people will continue to enjoy Narnia’s beautiful and strange appearance, and its cute kittens.

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