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Caroline Jones – Country Girl | What a beautiful song!!

Caroline Jones returns to the family farm in the idyllic new video for “Country Girl”.

“That song is probably the most traditional country song I’ve ever written, and it’s a word-for-word account of my upbringing and childhood,” says Jones, who was named one of Rolling Stone Country’s 10 New Country Artists You Should Know. “I grew up in the Northeast, but my father is from Tennessee, and he wanted to raise us in the same way he was raised – with certain values, a love of the great outdoors, and an appreciation for hunting and fishing.” He sucked at the latter two, but it was still my way of spending time with my father.”

“Country Girl” stands out as an acoustic, almost beatless reverie on Jones’ Bare Feet EP, filled with gleaming fusions of country and guitar pop. The song also contains one of Jones’ most memorable vocal performances: as she pushes towards the higher end of her vocal register, she trills in a manner reminiscent of Appalachian singers of yesteryear. “I really enjoy that style of singing,” she says. “That lonesome call was one of the things that drew me to Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris when I first discovered country music.” But I didn’t consider any of that when I wrote the song; it just came out that way. “I found the vocal to be very emotional.”

Jones chose “Country Girl” as her latest single after hearing positive feedback from fans while on tour with Zac Brown Band. (Her opening slot at the Hollywood Bowl continues on October 28th and 29th.) She was, however, initially hesitant to film a music video for the song. “At first, I wasn’t sure I’d like making music videos; I’m not big on image and fashion,” she says. “However, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.” It’s creating a song with the image as the medium rather than melody and lyric.”

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