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Candlemass – Bewitched | Who else got bewitched when he pointed?

This band’s vocalist is a wonderful example of a voice not even slightly matching their face.

Fun fact, this glorious music video was directed by Jonas Akerlund who was previously in Bathory. Today he directs videos for Lady GaGa, Beyonce, and Madonna. The dude from Bathory.

This video is an example of one of the things I truly love about Metal with all my heart. Earnestness and a total disregard for other’s opinions or standards. Many people think this video is ridiculous, amateurish and stupid. I find it honest, heartfelt and genuine. I wish more people tried harder to own their inner selves than spend so much energy trying to be “cool”. Self-awareness should be about embracing self, not converting it into other’s molds.

Watch thevideo below :

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