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Blake Shelton – God’s Country | We need this song more than ever in the times we live today

“God’s Country” is Blake’s latest single from a yet-to-be-named upcoming record, and just the title gets you interested, hoping perhaps it will evidence an even further retrenching towards Shelton’s more traditional starting point, with maybe some Gospel overtones mixed in there.

In some respects “God’s Country” delivers on these hopes, but in other aspects, the substance and originality feels a little skin deep.

“God’s Country” certainly surprises you at first for a country radio single with it’s dark and moody tone—something counterclockwise to the sunny disposition of most mainstream country selections.

And no mistaking it, the initial burst of the song inspires a carnal reaction, like a wave of thunder rolling out from the clouds and rumbling the ground at your feet.

“God’s Country” tries to evoke the awe-inspiring version of the Almighty, bequeathing us mere mortals patches of soil to toil upon from his perch high up in the clouds, peering down as the beads of sweat form across our brows, and calloused hands fold in prayer for rain.

“God’s Country” is both nostalgic in its reverence, and here-and-now in its relevance to the modern farmer, re-affirming the hearty and honest nature of America’s agrarian forgotten.

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