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Alabama “Tennessee Christmas” | Merry Christmas 2021

Alabama has always been my favorite band of any genre of music & always will be! My Mom & I used to listen to this song so much together. She died in March of 2015 of Cancer, & this is the first time I’ve listened to it since then. It’s such a beautiful song, & it’s a lil painful to listen to it without her, but it brings back so many wonderful memories. Merry Christmas to everyone from Knoxville, Tennessee.

I’m only now finding out that Alabama did this song. My mother use to play Amy Grant’s version, along with Johnny Mathis Christmas albums.
Everytime I hear this song, especially Amy Grant’s version, I cannot help but cry. Those two Christmas Albums are forever fused into my memories as a time before I had lost my innocence as a child. My happiest memories, I’m 45, will always be of me as a child experiencing the love, joy, family and magic that the holidays brought to both me and my family.

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