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AC/DC – T.N.T. @River Plate | Only ACDC gets the whole audience to be a mosh pit

The fact that Brians ear pieces fell out and he continued the entire song without them is insane, he literally only hears the surround sound voice from the stage speakers, what talent.

On Dec. 1, 1975, Australia woke up to the arrival of AC/DC’s second album. Released just months after their debut, High VoltageT.N.T. had benefitted from the young band’s experiences on the rough-edged touring scene. When it reached No.2 on the nation’s album chart, T.N.T. was a clear, explosive warning of what was to come.

While the first record had demonstrated AC/DC’s potential, it didn’t offer a definitive sonic statement. The group was still feeling its way forward from the debut single, “Can I Sit Next To You, Girl,” which had been released the previous year. By the time High Voltage was being recorded, singer Dave Evans had been replaced by Bon Scott, but brothers Angus and Malcolm Young were still alternating their guitar roles, while elder brother George – also the band’s producer – was among a number of other people who received recording credits.

But T.N.T. was different. Drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Mark Evans became permanent members of AC/DC (although Evans would be fired in 1977) and played on all but two of the tracks. Malcolm realized he should focus fully on rhythm guitar while Angus took all the lead parts. Their style soon turned into an unmistakably hard, solid, blues-based rock. “There might have been one or two tracks on the first album, a few things that they were experimenting with, which probably later on they wouldn’t have done anymore,” co-producer Harry Vanda said later. “You could say that T.N.T was the one that really pulled the identity. Like, ‘This is AC/DC, there’s no doubt about it, that’s who it’s going to be and that’s how it’s going to stay.’”

Having said that, they still operated somewhat haphazardly, as Malcolm explained in 2003: “They would force you – ‘Come on! You’ve got to do something a little rock ‘n’ roll! Come up with a title, we’ll get a rock ‘n’ roll 12-bar behind it,’ and we sort of just got in there and did it. … We used to do a lot of writing in the studio. … We didn’t have a lot of time, so we would come up with a guitar riff and they’d always say, ‘We need a title. Angus, you’re good for a title, give us a title.’ ’T.N.T.!’ And he had a little line to go with at the time, and Bon had his ideas. … We just put them on a bit of paper and went through ’em. You have to get an album done – and quick, ’cause we had no other time.”

This song makes me want to break in someone’s house and toast all their bread and put it back in the bag.

Evans said he was aware the band was “really honing the classic AC/DC sound” as the members worked. “The steady, pounding rhythms, the hard-edged, twin-guitar attack, the in-your-face vocals – it was all right there,” he remembered in 2011. “It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was honest. It was something everyone could relate to.”

Watch the video below :

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