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2001 Big Day Out | Crowd Incident with Limp Bizkit | Break Stuff

Moshing is fine it depends on the crowd and organizers.

I once lost my glasses in a Moshpit at Wacken when a 300 pound guy hit me in the face with his elbow, he looked at me in shock and asked me if I lost my glasses.

I nodded and he proceeded to clear out a 5-10m radius around me telling everyone that I lost my glasses.

30 people immediately started crawling in the mud in search of my glasses, one guy found them, handed them to me and the 300 pound guy pulled me out and bought me a beer.

We proceeded to mosh with me holding my glasses in my hands instead of wearing them for the rest of the set.

They said this would never happen again. Astroworld 2021 proved they were wrong.

Watch the video below:

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