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Video: Senior Citizens Go Nuts to Death Metal in Hilarious Viral Video

Age is only a number, especially in metal. You can be an octogenarian with a tube in your nose and still be able to wile out to Slayer and keep it real at the bar. Case in point, a viral video has emerged of a room full of senior citizens losing their shit to death metal, and it feels like a powerful affirmation of what we all hold dear.

Now, we’ll get in front of it: we’re pretty sure this isn’t real. The holder of the account posting the video, Eggs Tyrone, is a video creator whose whole thing is matching up inappropriate audio with wholesome-looking videos, and by the looks of the light show going on here, the original audio was probably Katy Perry or some terrible EDM track. That said, given how much hard the woman in the front is going, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually snuck Fit For An Autopsy’s “The Sea of Tragic Beasts” into the retirement home just to see what would happen. Anyway, we’d like to think that’s what happened.

Get your replacement hip moving with the video below:

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