Fortnite best weapons: Our tier list for the best Fortnite loot, plus Rift-to-Go stats

It is a mighty little thing when used in the right situation though, such as firing into a camper’s spot or into the bottom of enemy structures.


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Fortnite weapon tier list

Is it possible to rank the various weapons in the game into a single list? We’ve given it a go with our Fortnite weapon tier list, giving you an idea of which weapons to definitely keep, and which to consider dropping as you approach the end game.

Note: The removal of the Tactical Submachine Gun, Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer and Remote Explosives – as well as Season 5 additions (Port-A-Fortress, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Grappler, Shockwave Grenade, Rift-to-Go, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, Compact SMG, Submachine Gun, Remote Missile) as well as Season 6’s Quad Rocket Launcher and Chiller trap – have yet to be factored into the below tier list.

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