Fortnite best weapons: Our tier list for the best Fortnite loot, plus Rift-to-Go stats

We’ve found that if you have both in your inventory, taking an initial shot with the Pump and then switching to the Tactical works incredibly well compared to just using one or the other.


If you don’t have both, then make sure you’re always equipped with a backup assault rifle or other fast-spraying weapon, in case you miss your shot and need something with a higher fire rate to stand a chance at winning the fight. As for the Heavy Shotgun, it has a higher range than the other two, making it more suitable for the mid to late game when you’ll be moving away from close-quarter combat. It also has fires more rounds.

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Our favourite, the Rocket Launcher, is absolutely fantastic for the final few circles, as not only does it have an incredible range, it completely rips opponents’ bases to shreds.

It’s common knowledge that if you see a rocket flying towards you and you don’t have time or the space to run away, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be wiped out instantly. You can also ride on rockets too, which is always a blast when playing in with teammates in a Duo or Squads.

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The Grenade Launcher requires more precision when firing its grenades due to the need to get the aim and trajectory just right to get them to land at the desired point. Be careful not to wipe yourself out too, since one wrong move and the grenade will show no mercy in bouncing back into your face and end your game there and then.

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