Fortnite best weapons: Our tier list for the best Fortnite loot, plus Rift-to-Go stats

It does have a really slow reload time, however, so make sure you’re either high above your opponent (such as on a mountain) or that they’re unaware of your location before you take a shot at them to avoid being taken out whilst you reload your single bullet.


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The Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle is the better option of the two if you prefer a gun with a faster reload time, although it’s the hardest weapon to find in the game and isn’t as strong. It has a bigger bullet capacity than the Bolt-Action too, with a magazine of 10 instead of one.



The Suppressed Pistol is one of the best guns for the very early circles as it allows you to get the drop on opponents from medium-range and eliminate them silently without alerting others to your location, working in your favor if you’re in a crowded area. It’s especially effective when trying to be sneaky as firing it from a hidden spot such as a bush or behind a car will confuse your foe when it comes to figuring out where the shots are coming from.


If you’re after a weapon that packs a punch at close-range then the Dual Pistol is a great choice as it takes only two headshots to kill off a fully healed and shielded enemy, with a shot to the chest taking a third of their health. The more common Pistol is also a fair contender if it’s all you can find as it has a heavy DPS at 155 through to 169 depending on rarity.

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It’s difficult to say what shotgun is the best overall, since they’re very similar in how they perform. The Tactical Shotgun is semi-automatic and has a fast fire rate, whilst the Pump Shotgun has a more powerful shot but a slower fire rate. Both have the capability to finish off a non-shielded foe with a single shot regardless of weapon rarity.

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