These Amazing Hidden Homes Are An Introvert’s Dream Come True

Canyon Mansion, Utah, USA

Homes Homes

Built in 1986 and located in Southeastern Utah, the three-bedroom, two-bath house sits on 12 acres and comes with every imaginable modern amenity.

Bungalow in the Pines, Brittish Columbia, Canada

Homes Homes

The gorgeous home, known by many as the ‘Tula House’ was designed to attract the growth of green moss in order to help it blend into the stunning countryside.

Houses on Top of Shopping Mall, Hunan, China

Homes Homes

Big cities all over the world are running out of places to house their residents, so many a metropolis has come up with some creative ways in order to alleviate this issue. With four million people living in the cramped city of Hunan, houses are popping up on the rooftops of buildings nowadays.

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