5 Exercises For Building Superhuman Arm Strength

#3 Neutral Grip BB CurlsNeutral Grip BB Curls ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Primary Muscle Trained: Bicep Short Head.

Exercise Variation: Cable Bar Curls.

a) Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, grip the barbell with a supinated grip. (palms facing upwards).

b) With your elbows kept close to your body and not sticking outwards, curl the bar to around neck/chin height and squeeze for 1 second. During this phase of the movement you should be exhaling all of your breath.

c) Once the contraction is adequately felt and achieved, slowly lower the weight back to its starting position (your waist) whilst inhaling your breath.

Technique: Keep your back straight throughout the movement and don’t allow your body to generate a swinging momentum to perform the exercise for you, all the movement should be via your biceps. It is also essential throughout this movement that your elbows are remaining close to your body.

(3 x 10-15 Repetitions)

#4 DB Hammer Curls 

DB Hammer Curls ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Primary Muscle Trained: Bicep Long Head.

Exercise Variation: Seated DB Hammer Curls.

a) The key here is to be standing upright with your elbows kept in close and tight to your body. Unlike the barbell curl, this time your hands will be in a neutral position; facing inwards towards your torso.

b) Whilst one arm remains still, curl the working arm in a forward manner and squeeze at the top of the movement for a second. For this movement, exhale your breathing and prevent any swinging from happening, the only part that should be moving is your biceps.

c) Whilst inhaling in, gradually return the dumbbell back to its starting position, to the side of your torso. This should be performed slowly as it is the eccentric part of the movement.

(3x 8-12 Repetitions Each Arm)

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