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The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

4One Of Your Five A Day


It may not seem that apples are one of the best items in the game, however, they are a necessity to game-play, being a consumable item that grants you health. They can be eaten almost instantly, so if you’re in the middle of combat and your health is down, this is the item that will keep you going – healing up to 5 of your health. Apples can be found anywhere, and there will never be a shortage as they are mostly found underneath trees and in clusters on the ground. Make room, because there aren’t always medkits lying about.

3The Perfect Hiding Spot (And Also Kinda Creepy)


If you’re a stealthy player who likes to keep their distance from the battle, then hiding in a bush is your best bet. Bushes are scattered across the whole map, and are a great hiding spot for players to run out of combat on low-health, and bandage themselves back up again. You could also hide in a bush for most of the game with a sneaky sniper rifle, and you’ll probably never get noticed. HOWEVER, there aren’t just bushes on land – you can also obtain the legendary bush item, which is a one-time use camouflager that allows players to wear it. Although, if spotted, damage will be taken, watch your back…

2The Game Would Not Be The Same Without This Essential Tool


Where would we be without this item?

The pickaxe is the weapon we start off with, and the weapon that stands by us throughout each match, helping us mine and break materials, and building everything we need in order to win. The pickaxe can be upgraded in the main game, allowing players to salvage their materials at a faster rate. In Fornite: Battle Royale,the tools skin can be upgraded, and cause damage if you’re in a position where you’ve run out of weapons. Although it may not be the best in the game, Fornitewould be useless without this item.

1A Classic Weapon


This weapon comes in many varieties (uncommon, common, and rare), but in a recent update was released in the variants we wanted the most, epic and legendary. The Burst Assault Rifle is a favored choice by a large percentage of players global. The variations can be found in floor loot, treasure chests, supply drops, and vending machines. The AR is the easiest handling and most entertaining weapon for combat. It has greater speed, reliability, and accuracy than any other AR in the game.

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