The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

9How Many Bandages Can You Fit On One Arm?


One of the extremely common, but easily best items in the game. Bandages are what you are going to want to collect and keep on you as they can be exchanged for med kits, and are generally useful for a quick health boost during combat, despite being the lowest-tier healing item in the game. Available amongst floor loot, in chests and supply drops, bandages are something you will easily come across a lot, giving you a quick 15 health increase.

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8Its Size Just Doesn’t Do Justice To Its Power


This epic and legendary variety weapon is exclusive to Battle Royale, and man do we love it! It’s the perfect weapon for close to mid-range attacks, that will eliminate your targets immediately with its ability to fire all ammo without reloading.

Be careful – this weapon leaves you exposed while firing. 

The submachine gun fires light bullets, and doesn’t overheat, and is the perfect weapon to absolutely shred your enemies and their forts and chuckling at their misfortune.

7 Potions Aren’t Just For Fantasy Games


This epic consumable can be found in chests, supply drops and supply llama’s. The potion provides health regeneration and a shield, one health and one shield per second of slurping (for 25 seconds). It is best to use this item when both your health and shield is low (rather than one or the other), to avoid wasting the rare item, and ensuring complete affectivity. Only one slurp juice can be active at a time, so only save it for when you really need it.

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6Blame It On The Boogie


This rare consumable grenade is by far one of the greatest items in the game. It is thrown like your average grenade, however, it makes any players in the blast radius start getting down and boogying, and it looks hilarious!

When players are dancing, they’re prevented from defending themselves.

Players are unable to build, use items, or fire weapons when they’re busting some moves. They’re usually found in chest loot and supply drops, but there aren’t many of them – it’s a case of first come first served…

5A Mary Poppins Experience


This item allows players to elegantly glide around the virtual skies, with that little extra weather protection. It’s fairly easy to acquire if you’re good at playing the game (or just lucky). Simply win a solo match, and the item will be added to your collection. However, winning a solo match will only mean you can use it in solo matches, meaning you’ll have to win a squad match to obtain the umbrella in squad matches. You get the picture, right? Get out there and rank #1!

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