The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

14We All Loved Trampolines As A Kid


The bouncer trap is a new, rare item, which came into the game during a content update (v4.3) in early June 2018. The item spawns in packs of three, and can be found in treasure chests, supply drops or supply llamas (another new addition to the game, spawning only at three llamas a match containing a HUGE amount of supplies and materials!)

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The Bouncer Trap combines two old items (horizontal and vertical traps).

The trap gives you immunity to damage upon landing, and depending on the way you hit it, can blast you in various directions. An amazing item that is a lot easier to find than a jetpack!

13Get A Taste Of The Real Battleground Experience


The rare rocket launcher can only be found in Save The World, (there is also a legendary version) and is located in the Vindertech Store, along with various other ranged weapons.

Who doesn’t love firing a rocket launcher? 

The weapon is great for targeted numerous enemies from a distance, especially if you’re a player who doesn’t like to play things safely. They are annoying though, especially if players fire them without giving others a chance, because lets face it, get it by one of these and you aren’t going to make it!

12Starting To Feel A Bit Weak From All That Defense?


This one has a Left 4 Dead vibe to it. Apart from the similarities of them being survival shooters against zombies, they also both feature med kits – an essential item to staying alive in the game. Med kits restore all lost health, but provide no shield. They are located mainly in floor and chest loot, but can be found occasionally in supply drops. The maximum you can carry is three, providing you with all the energy you need to win.

11Sick Of Throwing Grenades? This Will Do The Job…

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The grenade launcher is a good replacement for grenades and one of the best weapons as it doesn’t require any ammo. The rare explosive weapon rapidly consumes its durability, knocking out groups of enemy within your raidius. There are epic and legendary versions, dealing high damage, and can blow up enemies from several metres away, having a longer range than your standard grenade. They’re great for damaging enemy forts, and fortified watchtowers – find one of these bad boys in floor loot and treasure chests.

10A Throwable Item For Those Feeling Tired Of Building


A new item added to Battle Royale: The Port-a-Fort resembles a cube, and when thrown creates an actual fort, turning into a large metal structure  – the strongest material in the game. They’re of the purple (epic) rarity, and enables players to carry five at once, saving a lot of time building one yourself.

A quick defensive position upon impact. 

The three story fort can be found within chests, floor loot, and supply drops across the map. A handy item if you aren’t particularly great at building structures during combat!

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