The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

18Blast Your Enemies At Close Range


The heavy shotgun is a brand-new weapon to arrive in Fornite: Battle Royale, ranking with the highest range in comparison to other shotguns in the game. The legendary weapon (highlighted orange, found in treasure chests or supply crates), is the first legendary shotgun (also available in epic – purple). With a damage rate of 77.0, this kind of weapon is great for close-up combat, assuring that it will painfully blast your enemies to the ground so you can steal all of their items. Win!

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17Take A Break, Perhaps Stop At A Cosy Campfire?


The cosy campfire is available in both Save The World and Battle Royale. The item is a healing floor trap, allowing players to rest nearby and regain health (even if they’re on the other side of the wall!)

Heal yourself and teammates without having to use bandages. 

Making its way to be the most useful trap to have come into the game, the blue item (rare) can be found anywhere in the map, predominantly in chests or dedicated trap spawns. You can drop it anywhere, even in battle, and it will heal you, and anyone if range for 25 seconds before it despawns.

16Take Out Your Enemies Quietly… Shhhh!


The silent weapon is best used for medium to long range combat, and is available in both epic (purple) and legendary (orange) versions. The suppressor combines the advantages of a regular pistol, with a silencer attachment that allows players to take out enemies quietly.

A great choice for stealth attacks – hide in a secure spot to attack players without them seeing where it came from. 

The handheld weapon can be acquired in floor and chest loot areas, and with one hundred other players in the game, you’ll have to be fast.

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15Why Carry Around A Shield When You Can Just Drink One?


Shield Potions are another one of our favorite items, that ensures players will get the protection they need against other players. The rare consumable healing item can be located in floor loot, treasure chests and supply drops, and are usually pretty easy to find if you aren’t new to playing Fornite. The item takes five seconds to consume, and will grant you with 50 shield points, they also have no cooldown rate. So you can drink one, then immediately drink another  – just like a refreshing pint in the sun!

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