The 25 Best Items In Fortnite (And How To Get Them)

Fortnite hit the video game industry with a huge bang, becoming the most played shooter game on the market, ranking higher than the likes of Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield. The online game is free-to-play, another reason why players are more than intrigued to give it a go, and boy do we bet the developers, Epic Games, wished they put a price on it (however the commitment of in-game purchases from players have made sure that they’re doing successful enough). The paid products (standard and deluxe edition) are different to the free-to-play version (Battle Royale)– the original, strategy-focused, survival action game known as Save The World, allows users to play in cooperative mode, and work together to defend themselves against zombie-like creatures.

Fornite gives a very similar vibe to Minecraft and even —in its own special way— other survival games, featuring cartoon-like visuals and building with materials, combined with surviving against foes people and firing top of the range weapons. Fortnite: Battle Royale mimics the standard game format, spawning one hundred players worldwide into one match. The last person standing wins, and to keep players engaged, they must keep away from the progressively growing storm that shrinks the map, forcing players to get closer and closer to each other.

So what is it that makes this game so popular? To the point where it has actually hit the news that parents are concerned for their children. We’ve put together the top 25 items you will find in Fornite (and how to) – combining the essentials and rare epic, and even legendary items you might not have got hold of yet!

25Burst Your Ammo Through This AR With Heat Detection


This powerful weapon came to Fornite during the update (June 2018) that brought new weapons, locations, and items for players. Quite obviously the greatest thing about the ranged weapon is the thermal scope attachment, allowing players to tag their enemies using heat signatures. In addition, the rifle can also highlight loot chests and enemy supply drops, so you can hide far, far away and be able to plan your next move quickly and quietly. The weapon is only available in ‘epic’ (purple)  or ‘legendary’ (orange) variants, and can be found across the map in floor loot, chests, and supply drops – keep an eye out so you can grab this one first!

24I’ve Been Locked Inside Your Heart-Shaped-Box, For Weeks


The crossbow is available in both versions of the game, and was added to Battle Royale during the Patch 2.4.2 update, originally skinned thematically to Valentines Day holiday. The arrow-firing weapon can be found in both epic (purple) and legendary (orange), but was recently removed for Season 4. However players have been raging on the internet about bringing the weapon back – let’s hope they do because we really miss it!

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23Fancy A Weapon Which Is Small, Yet Powerful?


The Hand Cannon and its many variants is based on modern revolvers such as the Taurus Raging Bull. The rare item was only available in Save The World (but has now been added to Batte Royale), and can be easily found in the Vindertech Store in all basic and daily Llama Pinatas, and generally in chests, loot, and from fallen enemies.

It may be slow, but it will knock back targets with its heavy blows.

The cannon is available in epic and legendary, and rather like the revolver, one shot can cause excpetional damage.

22Launch Yourself Into The Colourful Skies


This Epic item is one that will stick with you to the end of the game once obtained. The launch pad has unlimited uses, and can be triggered by any player. Hands down one of the funnest items in the game, blasting you through the air over enemies (or a great use to outrun the storm!)

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